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(ENG) The server has started, everything is successful and in time! You can safely play nothing will be deleted!

(LV) Serveris ir startējis, viss veiksmigi un laikā! Varat droši spēlet nekas netiks dzēsts!

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(ENG)From now on, there is a new opportunity to get 80.lvl for another rehearsal! With a Refer a friend, you can get 300VP for each acc who will get 80.lv And the Vote Shop you can buy 80.lvl for 600VP

(LV) No šodienas ir pievienota jauna iespēja dabūt 80.lvl uz citu reiķina! Ar Refer a friend jūs varat dabūt 300VP par katru acc kurš dabūs 80.lv Un Vote Shop jūs varat nopirkt 80.lvl par 600VP
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(ENG) The test is complete! All the players have been deleted!
So one player has received an error message and he / she is credited with the promised 2000DP - Mairisc

(LV)Ir pabeigts tests! Visi spēlētaji ir dzēsti!
Tik no viena spēlētaja ir saņemts ziņojums par kļudām spēle un viņam tiek ieskaitīti solītie 2000DP - Mairisc
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(ENG) Now we hawe domain in addres bar you can enter hard-core.lv
And in game can change realmlist to: set realmlist logon.hard-core.lv

(LV) Tagat mums ir domēns, atras mus var ievadot hard-core.lv
Un spēlē jus varat rakstīt izmainit realmlist uz: set realmlist logon.hard-core.lv
Views: 65 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2017-07-26 18:53:37 | Comments: (0)

Server now is moved to VPS Online 24/7!
New addres:
And setup new realmlist:
Set realmlist

Serveris ir parcelts uz VPS Onlaina 24/7!
Jauna addrese:
Nomainiet uz jaunu realmlist:
Set realmlist
Views: 173 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2017-07-18 18:09:52 | Comments: (0)

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HardCore 1x Blizzlike

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